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Legal Aid

Sadly after 15 years of holding a contract with the Legal Aid Agency, we have now had to take the difficult decision that it is no longer viable to do this so with effect from 31st December we will no longer be able to provide any publicly funded assessments and mediation.  We do not want to take on a case now only to find we have to transfer it to another provider so whilst we are still able to take on new cases for now, if you think either you or your partner might be eligible, please ask us for a call back to discuss if your case might be suitable.

Legal Aid is still available for family mediation in ALL cases in provided there is a significant legal dispute and for eligible clients who go on to participate in mediation they are then able to access free advice from a solicitor under a scheme called Help With Mediation. In cases where one party establishes their eligibility for legal aid, the Legal Aid Agency will also pay for the other party to attend an assessment meeting (MIAM) and also for their first starter mediation meeting.

Legal Aid assessments look at income and capital and we have to apply the rules set down by Government and the Legal Aid Agency.  The Legal Aid Checker on the Direct Gov website will help you work out if you qualify:

To access this checker - click the Start button then select Family and then Family Mediation.  You will then need to select Yes you have already started mediation (even if you have not) then click on the green Check if qualify financially button.