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What happens at the end of mediation?

If you have been able to find solutions, the mediator will prepare a written summary of the decisions you have made, this is called a Memorandum of Understanding, and, if relevant, a Financial Summary.  This memorandum is not legally binding and you will be advised to see a solicitor before finally committing yourself to a binding agreement or before applying for a Court Order.  This will give you peace of mind.  In cases concerning arrangements for children, a Parenting Plan can be drawn up. 

If you have not been able to find solutions, although the chances of doing so are high if you are both committed to the process, there are almost always benefits from coming to mediation.  You will both have had a chance to express your views in a safe place.  You will have had chance to discuss the arrangements for your children.  Usually the main areas of dispute will have become clearer and often narrowed down.  In financial cases, you will have information about your partner’s financial position to give to your solicitor, saving a great deal of work, time and, possibly, legal costs.