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Quickstart Mediation

Many couples can find the process of attending a MIAM and then setting up a mediation meeting quite slow when they are keen to get started and at least feel they are starting to make progress.

With these clients in mind we now offer Quickstart mediation.  It is only appropriate for privately funded clients where both parties have already decided to mediate and where there are no concerns that either has made abuse allegations against the other.

A two hour meeting will be arranged with both clients but at the start of the meeting, each will be seen separately to ensure mediation is suitable before the mediation agreement is signed and the mediation process started.

The charge for this Quickstart meeting will be £250 and will represent a saving to each client of £40 if a joint MIAM had been held and £70 if there were separate MIAM’s.  Most importantly though it will mean the process can get underway in days.